Academic Integrity

Topic: Academic Integrity


Academic integrity is a person that’s honest, a person that does the right thing when no one is looking. It’s a person that does there work without the need of cheating or being dishonest with their work. Having academic integrity is upholding the academic honesty that were set by the university. Academic integrity is important because if a person is dishonest then it undermines your learning abilities. Also it reflects bad on the university itself.

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Another name for academic integrity is academic honesty which means that a student must uphold its college honor code. Which means that a student will be honest with there own work but will also report any violations of that honor code done by another student. An example of academic honesty is a student is taking a test and while taking the test that same student noticed that another person was copying off their test. Instead of the student just letting that person steal their answers the student talked to the teacher and told them after class that the person was cheating off of them. Academic honesty is having is being honest with your work and earning the grade that student deserves.

Another example of academic integrity is moral behavior. Moral behavior is a person knowing right from wrong and having traits that involve honesty, responsibility, and fairness. An example of moral behavior is a student is given an assignment and the student decides to copy the whole assignment off the internet.The night before the assignment is due the student realizes that they should actually just due their own assignment instead of copying it and put their name on it like they did it. This show academic integrity by the student realizing that it’s better to do their own work instead of taking someone else’s work and putting their name on it.

Another example of academic integrity is fairness. Fairness is treating everyone the same not giving a person extra treatment or even favoritism. That everyone is treated the same and everyone is all equal. An example of fairness is teacher has one student that he gives special attention to like he gives the student more time to do the work, he lets the student skip certain assignments. With the school noticing that that teacher wasn’t being they spoke and pointed how the teacher was being unfair