Akron Children’s Hospital

I’m working on a research & summaries project and need guidance to help me learn.


Please write a 7 page case study analysis paper with Title Page and at least three (3) scholarly references in APA format. In addition a one page Executive Summary is required.

Case Study Analysis: Akron Children’s Hospital

Prepare, with the help of the case study written rubric in the classroom. Case Video and Written Cases are available on website: http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/0073521507/information_center_view0/index.html (at the bottom A and B plerase perhaps the references can be from these articles too at the end we can choose some of their references)

There is no need to answer questions in part one and two, those are just a guide how to approach the writing of case study analysis.

Please discuss the new ideas and proposals for increasing the occupancy of the hospital beds to the optimal level (75 – 80%), by applying new ways of marketing (social media), associations with local medical offices (family and pediatricians). open house invitations etc… sky is the limit!

Prepare Executive Summary (one page), case study analysis paper (7 pages) with Title page (use “Title_page_for_student_papers” in the classroom for reference of the format) and at least three scholarly references in APA format. Submit your paper, and Executive summary.