For the second project (or really the second half of the course long project since this is a continuation of what you did in the first project), you are to conduct several inferential tests on the quantitative data you collected and use the qualitative data to split it into groups for analysis.  Specifically, this is what you are required:

1. Construct a 95% confidence interval for all your quantitative variables.

2. Create a hypothesis (and write out your hypothesis) regarding on of the quantitative variables and the test the hypothesis at an alpha of .05.

3. Use a qualitative variable to split your data into two groups and then test the hypothesis that the two groups are the same at alpha = .1

4. Use a qualitative variable to split your data into 3 or more groups and then conduct an ANOVA on your groups.

5. Determine whether a linear relationship exists between any 2 of your quantitative variables by performing a linear regression.

6. Find the correlation coefficient between any two of your quantitative variables and explain the value you get.

7 Write a 2-3 page (double spaced) conclusion in which you explain what the results mean within the context of the data you collected.