Automatic zero grade


1)      Exam questions contains four pages. You have to work alone. You are welcome to use lecture notes and any other supplementary materials;

2)      For the exam, you must find your dataset from the midexam_data.xlsx file. We will refer to it as “your dataset”. This data is different for everybody. For Questions 1 and 2 you should your own data. The student who uses another person’s dataset will receive an automatic zero grade.

3)      Please submit your final answers in word format. I prefer typing. If you use handwriting, make sure that it is legible. Otherwise, your mid-term mark will be affected.

4)      When you submit your exam paper, please put your full name in the document and sent to my email. Please note re-submission of the paper is not acceptable.

5)      In all answers show your calculations. The answers without the way of calculations will affect the grade.