Barn Burning download…

After reading the story “Barn Burning download” by Faulkner, write a response to ALL of the questions in the following prompt:

-What does the de Spain family home represent to Sarty? Notice what he compares it to. Why does he think the de Spain family will be safe from his father?

–Why does Abner deliberately step in horse poop and walk across the rug? How do his actions speak louder than words?

–Why is Sarty conflicted about leaving his family? What do you think his life will be like after he leaves?

Response parameters: A minimum of 250 words

Be aware that you will not be able to see your classmates’ initial postings until you post your

Respond to at least one of your classmates (around 100 words).

Try your best to engage with your classmates using one or more of the following strategies:

1. Summarize what you think your classmate has articulated in their initial post.

2. Point out where you are in agreement with your classmate’s post but be specific. Highlight a specific example or point they made.

3. Point out where you are not in agreement with your classmate’s post but be specific. Explain your count-point.

4. Quote directly from the reading that you are both responding to make in order to make it clear what exactly in the text you are referring to.

5. Ask questions.

6. Build upon a point made by a classmate.

7. Draw upon your own experiences to explain how you connected.

8. Reach out to your fellow classmate and be encouraging, enthusiastic, interested, inquisitive, thoughtful, and respectful.


Explanation & Answer length: 250 words