Biographical information

Each student will do an individual presentation of about 10 minutes during Week 6 using a PowerPoint presentation that the student created which contains at least 6-8 slides. In order to assign poems for this presentation,

The presentation should include:

reading the poem aloud to the class

conveying any historical or biographical information that is useful for better understanding the text

defining any difficult or significant words in the poem

presenting an in-depth analysis of at least 1-2 key lines or images from the poem

posing at least 2-3 discussion questions that you have written and leading your classmates in discussion

Some tips to keep in mind:

Don’t try to put too much text on each slide.  Spread out your material over more slides so it is more readable. You can have as many slides as you want (6-8 slides is the minimum).

For your discussion question slides, don’t put your own answers right under the question.  Let the rest of the class discuss their answers first before sharing yours.

The discussion questions do not need to be all at the end of the presentation. You can mix them in throughout.

Use color and graphics to make your presentation more visually interesting. Just make sure the text is still readable.

You should introduce yourself at the beginning of your presentation.

Proofread your slides to make sure everything is spelled correctly and that there are no typos or grammar errors.


Explanation & Answer length: 6 Slides