Business Model Generator

For this part of the assignment:

  1. Submit a written summary presenting the opportunity, size of the market, problem/unmet need and solution for the company you chose to use in your Canvas. References must be included and assumptions documented, using MLA format.
  2. Describe each of the 9 areas of the Business Model Canvas and your rationale for including what you have included. I would expect you would have 2-3 points for each of the 9 key areas.

For Business model generation Investigation 2

1) What is Value Proposition as it relates to the Business Model Generator and the Business Model Canvas? Provide an example of Value Proposition. Provide information about your selected company’s Value Proposition. This should be in depth and may require more in-depth research. Please provide your documentation.

2) Create a value proposition worksheet for a company of your choice (you may use your main company or any other currently active company). At the time of this writing, at least 156 templates of Value Proposition Worksheets pop up when I google it. Find one that works for you and use it as needed. (Here is a tutorial of a value proposition canvas (Links to an external site.) )

For this 2 assignment, Please provide two documents to me separately.