Chain of infection

Written Presentation:

1-Please select one of the microorganisms annotated in this homework and before you start working with it, please send an email letting me know which agent was chosen. Each student must have a different germ.

Please define in the agent selected the following information:


2)Organs affected in the body.

3)Chain of infection and its Links associated: Infectious agentReservoirs, Portal of Exit, Route of Transmission, Portal of Entry, and Susceptible Host. All must to be defined in the chosen agent.

4)Incidence, Prevalence, and Prevention of this infectious disease.

5)Treatment if possible.

6)Please answer, being a NURSE: “How are you going to break down the chain of infection of the selected microorganism, to avoid Cross Contamination?”

Microorganisms and agents for your selection:

Escherichia coli