Chemical Dependency



Chemical Dependency is an issue facing every community and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) initiated coverage for treatment which provided marketing opportunities for health care organizations.Choosing a topic early in the term provides you additional time to reflect on and prepare the sales presentation to the Employee Assistance Professionals within the organization.


The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for your Sales Presentation Assignment – Final Submission that you will submit in Module 7: Week 7. Choose a topic focused on chemical dependency and create a reference page of at least 5 scholarly sources in current APA format.

Topics include A.

  •  A specific chemical dependency such as opioids.

B. The specific target audience needs to be mentioned, which as required in the Sales Presentation, is an Employee Assistance Professional (EAP) of a large organization.

C. Biblical Integration- a verse with at least a sentence or two stating how the verse applies to the topic.              i. For example why as Christians must we take on a subject of this manner

Length of assignment

  • One page
  1. The topic should have a brief paragraph outline what you are planning to discussion.

Excluding cover/title page

Reference page

APA format

Number of citations:

  • Five peer-reviewed sources

One Biblical Integration

  • Acceptable sources

Scholarly articles published within the last five years

No plagiarism please!!!!