Chicago format

Write one summary paragraph, one analysis paragraph for each of the 5 attached articles.

You will provide the citation for the reading in MLA/APA/Chicago format. Make sure you are consistent with the citations. It should be in alphabetical order.

The first paragraph is a summation of the article. Give the title of the article and the scholar. State the author’s thesis. State how it was supported or not supported. How did the author conclude? This paragraph is to be 5-7 sentences. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

The second paragraph you are relating the reading to race, gender, class and ethnicity. How or why is this reading pertinent to these concepts. If you were conducting research, how would this article/book chapter, etc connect to your research? This paragraph is to be 5-7 sentences.

In both paragraphs you want to exhibit understanding and critical engagement of the text. This is more than a summary.

Your final work should include 5 pages, each page should be summarizing & analyzing each attached article. Note that you don’t need to make a relation or correlation between the articles and there should all be individual reports for each on 5 separate sheets.