Child labor

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Description: As a class we will be creating a blog on about themes related to chocolate including: child labor in cacao farming; military use of chocolate; gender and chocolate; fair trade and chocolate; Indigenous’ peoples use of chocolate today; Mayan, Mexica (Aztec) or other historical Indigenous use of cacao (beyond what we learn in class); Yucatec Maya language and contemporary terms for cacao; sugar, chocolate, and colonialism; global cacao/chocolate consumption today; chocolate and health historically and today.

Final Project submission options: As a group, you all have the creative freedom of submitting a blog entry as a group that focuses on a particular chocolate issue. Your submission can take the following form:

Choose one formate from the list:

An online museum gallery with descriptions

o16-20 photographs/artworks/ infographics/historical documents

o.JPEG or .PNG file forma

An informative essay, word count at least 700, 2 full pages

o.PDF file format

Graphic novel.

o.PDF file only

Instagram campaign with photos, at least 16 posts and script

o.PDF file only

Regardless of format chosen, your project must use 8 or more cited academic sources. You can use governmental data, historical/contemporary news articles, diaries, photos, testimonies as supplemental data, but you still need a minimum of 8 cited academic works.