Child Support Fact

After reading Chapter 12, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss divorce in the United States.
  2. Analyze the macro- and micro-level reasons why people divorce.
  3. Recognize how people experience divorce.
  4. Summarize issues surrounding child support.
  5. Identify the effects of divorce on children.
  6. Analyze whether divorce should be made more difficult to obtain.
  7. Illustrate a “good divorce.”

Child Support Fact Sheet

The Amount of Child Support Owed Each Year

  • $32.9 billion dollars in child support was owed during the year 2013
  • The average amount of child support due was $5,774 per year
  • That’s less than $500 per month.
  • Only 68.5% of that money — an average of $3,950 per year — was actually received
  • In other words, on average, custodial single parents who receive child support get about $329 per month to help with food, shelter, clothing, medical costs, education, and incidentals

Divorce and Children

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Now that you’ve learned a little about divorce and the effects it has on adults, discuss the effects of divorce on children. Is it always harmful? Support your answer with evidence. What kinds of things can parent do to make divorce easier on the children (again, use evidence). Be sure to discuss the the things you read about in the child support fact sheet. Was the average amount of child support paid enough to feed children? Do these things have any effect on children after divorce? If so, what?

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