Children’s attention

Please make a Activity Plan and answer in an easy and simple way, and I will attach two different copies that I have for some colleagues to get an idea from them, but please make sure there is no matching, because that affects the evaluation

1. Title of activity: Remember this should be something catchy to catch the children’s attention
2. Concept or primary language and literature focus: Include any specific language skills or vocab you want to be sure get highlighted during the activity
3. Two specific language and literature learning objectives:
4. Detailed list of materials needed and provide author and title of the book you are using or basing the activity off of.
5. Describe in detail how you will present or share the activity with children.
a. how will you organize your materials, gather the children, present the activity and or book, story or concept to the children?
b. what directions will you give the children?
c. what are some open-ended questions you can anticipate you will ask to engage the children and extend their connection to the book/story or concept?
d. how might you include a child who has a difficult time sharing and staying in their own space?