Claims and EDI

Part1 (discussion)

for our experiential learning activity discussion this week you will explore Payers and provide an analysis:

– Research and search the internet to find a payer
– Describe the payer, including the payer’s covered patient market, type of payer, etc.
– Summarize one current event in the industry that may have a strategic impact on the payer

Please be sure to include and cite your reference sources following best writing practices.


**this what we have to do for Learning journal reflection: (usually see the topics in the book and paraphrase it or talk about it in two or three sentences)

complete your learning journal reflection by Thursday, June 20th.

Learning Journal Title: Chapter 7
Learning Journal Topics:

Payers and Payer Data

Claims and EDI

Model Process Step
Decision Tree Node
Decision Tree Model (vs. Linear/Logistic Regression)
Decision Tree Model Evaluation