Clinical & Administrative System


Question 1

What you believe to be your current knowledge level of this course topic and what you hope to learn before the course is over.

Question 2

As noted in lecture one for the week, virtual physicians are becoming more common. Due to not being face to face, many critics have argued that the physician cannot properly diagnose as they do not have patient vitals (heart rate, O2 rates, blood pressure, temp, etc). In your initial post, discuss whether or not you agree with the critics in their assessment and why.

This course isĀ HSN509 Clinical & Administrative System

Course Description:

Students examine the foundations of clinical information collection, processing, recording, and use to support decision-making in healthcare environments. The importance of patient information privacy, compliance with regulatory standards, safety, and data integrity is prominent throughout the course. Topics covered include types of health care information systems for specific healthcare settings, system selection, implementation process, system security, and data standards. In addition, students will explore strategic planning and management implications associated with information technology in healthcare management.