Code development

You are required to create a project from scratch development tool it is a basic block code tool where you can program your own interactive stories, games and animations and share your creation with others. The guidelines for the project are defined below. The project is graded over 15 marks. This is an individual that could be a group of 2 students project maximum just in condition that the project is more complex and has more than the basic requirement.


You can use the scratch code development tool to create either, story/ies, game, animations. By signing In the website there are many tutorials that can guide through the development of your story or game or animation. This is another link where you can learn and try to use while you develop your project Below is a list of the main requirement

  • Name your project as YourFirstname-YourLastName.

Your story / animation or your game must different than the other group class member.

At least two define scenes if you choose a story/ animations (around 8 block code) for your project. Or if it is a game complete 2 sets of game action ( 8 block codes )

Project must make sense to achieve proficiency level.