Columbia Business School

Hello this assignment is not that complicated you just have to find the answers from the slide of week 7 and week 8 that I have attached. I have also attached the assignment question paper . this assignment just require a good reading of the slides and involves 2 short movies as well  and then you will be eligible  to answer question.

Mandatory video for this week is “The Story of Stuff”, which can be watched here:

Also, I  would encourage you to watch the documentary called “Trashed (2012)”, which is still very relevant. A short 20-min excerpt can be wtched here:

Finally, I invite you to watch an informative video from the Columbia Business School that discusses renewable energy from financial and policy perspectives:

these videos and slides that I have attached will help you find the answers for the assignment that I have attached with it 

Answers should be relating to the material from the slides.

Please find below Assignment 4. This assignment is based on reading materials assigned for weeks 7-8

Once you have finished answering the questions, rename the file following this convention:

Assignment 3 [your name] [your ID].

For example, if your name was Tyler Miller and ID was 3055648, you would name the file as:

Assignment 3 Tyler Miller 3055648

Please upload files in MS Word compatible formats only (*.docx, *.rtf). DO NOT submit in any other format. DO NOT send scanned images or insert them into the document. Also, if you miss the deadline, a 10% of the total points per day penalty will be applied.