Common Careers

To expand on your learning in regards to personality type, I’d like you to research your Do What You Are Report in CollegeScope and also look at the following website:

Review your Portrait:

Review common Careers based on Personality Type:

Feel free to review more. After reading about Type and looking at this website, here are questions for this Discussion:

What is your four digit type?

Explain each of your letters and how it makes you who you are?

E versus I

S versus N

T versus F

J versus P

What does your type say about you in Careers? What are you interested in and how will your personality type work in your field of study and future career?

What does your type say about you in relationships? How do you get along with people and what types do you work well with?

Do we need all types in the workforce and in school? Why?

Enjoy reading about other personality types in this discussion! Don’t forget to respond to at least two other students for full credit in this discussion.