Communication tools


Total word count at least 500

Visit 4Ocean’s (Links to an external site.) website to learn about the company and its products. Visit their Press (Links to an external site.) page, social media accounts (found at the bottom of the Press page).

4Ocean Company Questions

  1. Evaluation: Based on what you observe from 4Ocean’s various communication tools, have they communicated superior value through their choice of tools and use of tools? Why/why not?
  2. Application: 4Ocean would like to use communication tools to raise overall awareness of the organization, inform their target market(s) of their organizational aims and subscription plans, and to increase subscribers and ultimately increase revenue. Identify who you believe the target market should be for the company. Then, considering who you believe to be the target market(s), identify three (3) communication tools out of the communication toolbox (i.e. promotional mix) that you recommend 4Ocean should use given the target market and objectives, providing your rationale for why you are selecting these three tools (they can be more general, e.g., advertising, or specific types of that tool such as TV advertising). These can include tools that they appear to already be using – but you need to make the case for why these tools matter given the target market and objectives.
  3. Application: Picking one of your tools from Question 2, develop a communications campaign idea* in great detail that would be used to achieve the objectives outlined in Question 2, for the identified target market. Present your ideas for how you would encourage AIDA responses in your consumers with your campaign, particularly paying attention to the creative and planning decisions for your identified tool when applicable. Be specific! Then, how would you work to integrate this tool with the other tools you’ve identified from Question 2 so as to create an integrated communications campaign