Company Description


Prepare a 10-15 page financial analysis of a public company using the outline below.  The written analysis will follow proper report writing procedures such as proper spelling, grammar and syntax.


I. Company Description

A. Nature of the Organization’s Business

B. Organization’s History (If available)

C. Mission Statement and Objectives

II. Company’s Products and Markets

A  Major Products and/or Services

B. Major Markets and Market Share

III. Financial Analysis

A. Liquidity

B. Activity

C. Capital Structure

D. Profitability

E.   Investment Statistics

IV. Organization’s Management

A. Corporate Structure

B. Brief Description of Management

V. Industry and Competitive Analysis

A. Major Competitors

B. Comparative Financial Analysis – all group companies

1. Liquidity

2. Activity

3. Capital Structure

4. Profitability

5.  Investment Statistics

C. Organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses Compared to Competitors

1.  SWOT Analysis

VI. Summary

A. Overall Assessment of the Organization, its Strengths and Weaknesses

B. Recommendations – Current and Future

Appendices: Graphs, Charts, Company’s Financial Statements