Complicated process

We can have the most perfectly stated goals and objectives, we can have the most perfectly arranged plans and schedules, and we can have a budget that allows every bell and whistle imaginable. However, no project can succeed unless it has a clear scope and carefully selected and managed team. Scope creep and the human factor can make or break any project management initiative. Building and managing a successful team is a complicated process. The project manager must carefully select team members, build some sense of common purpose, encourage cooperation, and recognize and resolve any conflicts that arise.

Consider a past situation where you were a member of a team that was involved in a project. Ideally, this situation should be where you currently work. However, you can use any situation or experience in your personal life as well.

  • Describe the overall project goals and your role in the project.
  • Explain how the project scope was clearly defined at the beginning of the project or how it was not clearly defined.
  • Prepare and share with us a listing of deliverables, from your project, in the format of a deliverable list (like Page 157). Offer at least 2-3 deliverables and two work packages per deliverable. For example:
    Breakdown Description WBS Code
    Project Project Title 1.0
    Deliverable 1 Deliverable 1 Description 1.1
    WP1 First Work Package 1.1.1
    WP2 Second Work Package 1.1.2
    Deliverable 2 Deliverable 2 Description 1.2
    WP1 First Work Package 1.2.1
    WP2 Second Work Package 1.2.2
  • Your text presents six characteristics of effective project teams. Choose any three of these characteristics and explain how and why your team did or did not develop these characteristics. Be sure you provide adequate detail.
  • Your text book presents five stages in team/group development. Did your team go through all these stages? Explain your answer.
  • During which stage or stages did conflict erupt?
    • Describe this conflict and its source.
    • Explain what method or methods were used to resolve the conflict.
  • In your opinion, did this team succeed or fail? Explain your answer.