Constitutes air pollution

We are about to work through Godish, Davis, and Fu’s (2014) textbook related to air quality. As such, we are going to be discussing engineering principles related to how we can engineer air quality as a means of controlling air quality. Consequently, we must first consider what constitutes air pollution.
What do you believe qualifies as air pollution? Why?



Hello class, my name is Matt, and I’m looking forward to taking this course with everyone. I currently work for a Dept. of Energy owned research facility located in Long Island, NY – working with the Environmental Protection Division’s Waste Management Program. I am pursuing an M.S. in Occupational Safety and Health with a concentration in environmental management. My facility has a RCRA permit, wastewater discharge permit, and Title V air permit so I have some cursory knowledge of the requirements for these air quality regulations. I also have experience with air quality sampling during construction projects, as an industrial hygienist. I hope to generally increase my knowledge of the OSH and environmental management field, so as to make me a greater asset to my company and also to increase my likelihood of promotion in the future. I beleive that taking knowledge learned from the textbook and applying it to real-world examples is the best way to learn and retain these concepts.