Consumer behaviors

Total word count at least 650

Read the following article carefully and answer the following questions…

copy of the article is included on the 2 nd page of this assignment.

1.Conduct a SWOT analysisforAmerican Bicycle Group.

You should have at least two for each ofstrengths, weaknesses, opportunitiesand threats and summarize them in a SWOT table. (30 points)

2.How did the macro and immediateenvironment affect ePlastics?(25 points)

3.ForCG&S DesignBuild, how did the pandemic affect their consumer behaviors? How did these changes affect the company?(25 points)

4.Before the pandemic, who were Happy Cork’s target customers? During the pandemic, who have beenHappy Cork’s target customers?(25 points)

5.What was Allegiance Flag Supply’s positioning? Do you think their marketing strategy would continue to be sustainable even after the pandemic? Why? (25 points)

6.As a consumer, how have you been affected by the pandemic? What are some products/brands/companies that you find have helped you the most during the pandemic and why? (20 points)


1/. Your answers should be clearly typed and numbered in a word/pdf document, singlespaced, font size 12.

2. Your answer should in general be within 2page limit. However, if you strongly feel about a question and want to elaborate, prioritize the quality of your answer. word count at least 650

3. Please refer to the general instruction on individual assignment for other details.