Controlling of sales

Chapter 15 discusses the planning and controlling of sales.  While primary responsibility for the planning and control of sales is with the chief sales or marketing executive of the Company, the controller is still very involved in the process.  The book discusses the controller’s assistive role in sales management problems as well as some of the analysis that can be beneficial to the process.  In no more than 2/3 pages, discuss three of the problems the controller could assist with and what analysis the controller would provide in those situations

Chapter 14 discusses the advantages of standards.  The book states that there are four primary functions in which they are used.  In no more than 2 pages, discuss an example of each of the four primary functions.

There are four chapters on planning and controlling various costs in the organization.  When it comes to controlling costs, there are some common practices that apply to all costs you are trying to plan and control.  Based on your readings, in no more than 2 pages, summarize what some of these common practices are.

the book is Bragg, Steven M. Controllership: The Work of the Managerial Accountant. 8th ed., Wiley & Sons, 2009