Conversations in anthropology

The purpose of the reading response paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the main takeaways of a reading assignment. In your response, you must write about content from Week 1 and analyze it relates to our course themes. The best write-ups combine a short summary of one assigned reading and connect it to two other course readings/films/podcasts from this week or past weeks.

Do not use ourside resources, only use course readings. 

The response paper should consist of two paragraphs.

  1. The first paragraph should be a brief summary of the main argument of the reading. It should answer such questions as: What is the author’s argument? With what evidence does the author support their argument (methods)? Which individuals/groups, geographic region(s), issue(s) does the reading focus on? How does the reading change or complicate how we understand a particular issue? What broader conversations in anthropology is this reading responding to? (You do not need to answer all of these questions, but you should use them as guidelines.)
  2. The second paragraph should focus on your reflections upon the reading. What did you find particularly striking or important in the reading?  How does it relate to other readings/films/podcasts that we have engaged in this course? What specific overlaps or contradictions did you notice?