Corporate Failure

How might a better application of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles lower the failure risk of

What You Need To Do: You should first read Chapter 1 of Hamilton and Micklethwait (2006) Greed and Corporate Failure: The Lessons from Recent Disasters. The essay requires you to critically analyze the corporate governance practices of and extract linkages to the potential reasons for failure discussed by Hamilton and Micklethwait (2006). Using the readings, lectures, the 2020 Corporate Governance Statements and Annual reports for and your own research, you must write an essay summarizing your arguments on how a better application of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles may possibly lower the risk of failure for

Essential Components: • Your essay must consider existing and new business risks facing and the retail industry in Australia as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. • You must also refer to and apply the current 4th Edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles (ASX Corporate Governance Council (ASX CGC), 2019) in your essay. The recommended changes should deal with three potential reasons for failure and three different ASX Corporate Governance Principles as solutions. • There is a 2,000-word limit plus or minus 10% on the essay, excluding the reference list. Your lecturer will cease marking any content of more than 2,200 words. • The essay must follow conventional Harvard referencing guidelines and citation style. • Essays not using the Harvard referencing guidelines and citation style, or less than 1800 words in length will be considered incomplete and will receive a fail grade of zero (0). • A reference list is required, but does not form part of the essay word count. • Each page must be single-spaced Times New Roman, 12-point font for body text. Paper size is A4, with page margins being 2.54 cm top and bottom and 2.54 cm left and right. • Any plagiarism detected will make you subject to the University Academic Integrity Policy, and will be reported to the Business School’s Discipline Committee for action.

Task Overview: The purpose of the individual essay is to allow you to put accounting and corporate governance concepts into practice in a real-life situation, and allow you to display your research and writing skills on an individual basis. The essay and the arguments that you develop should help you to reflect on your learning and provide a link of accounting theory to practice.

References: ASX Corporate Governance Council (ASX CGC) (2019), Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, ASX Corporate Governance Council, Sydney. Hamilton, S. and Micklethwait, A. (2006), Greed and Corporate Failure: The Lessons from Recent Disasters, Palgrave Macmillan UK, London.