Project Implementation: Part Two Discuss one of the following topics. 

  • PERT diagram with CPA
  • Gantt chart

Use an example to demonstrate your understanding.  You will either include a PERT diagram or a Gantt chart in your post, created for this post specifically. After  providing your example, explain what the different parts of it mean or  what they represent. Make sure to conduct CPA on the PERT in your post,  if you chose the PERT diagram.
Start your post by stating which topic you chose.

Forum Expectations

  • Your examples can be derived from  your current working environment, experience, or invented for this  forum. Repeating an example that you found in an external source will  not demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
  • You need to demonstrate that you understand  the concepts you chose to discuss. If your contribution is copied and  pasted, properly paraphrased, or properly quoted without any of your  ideas, you will not demonstrate that you understand the concepts.
  • When you are graded for any work in this course, I am assessing your comprehension. In order for me to do that, you need to demonstrate that you understand.
  • This is a required assignment worth 20 points.

Post content

  • Are you writing entirely  off-topic? Off-topic posts degrade the quality of the forum. You will  not earn points for posts not relevant to the  objectives for this discussion board.
  • You are not required to use external sources in this class. However, if you do, use credible sources.
  • You must cite and reference every source you paraphrase, quote, or refer to in your post, per APA 7.
  • Check your content for proper  spelling, punctuation, and grammar before posting. If I cannot  understand what you meant, you will not demonstrate an understanding.
  • There is no length requirement. It is not about the number of words in your post; it is the content that matters.

Formatting your post

  • Your citations and references need to conform to APA 7 formatting.
  • Cover page content? Unnecessary. Distracting.
  • Hanging indent?  Unnecessary. Not needed.
  • Do not attach your posts. Write in Blackboard.
  • When you reply to peers 
  • Stick to the forum topics; connect to the content your peer provided.
  • If you write something like,  “Your post is great. Here are a few points of my own,” you have not  written a peer response; that is a general post.
  • Do not forget to credit sources used in peer responses, per APA 7.Reading

Chapters 4 and 5 of the course textbook

Kendall, K. E., & Kendall, J. E. (2019). Systems analysis and design (10th ed.). Pearson.

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