Current Situation

Answer the following 7 STEPS of this assigment. Well done

Option 1:Apply Bloom’s to evaluate a Current Situation, Number & complete each step

Before to start writting, choose with me the current situation

1. Remembering and Recalling: Write a short journal about one of your current challenges (around 200 words).

2. Understanding: Summarize your challenge in one sentence.

3. Comprehension: What choices and alternatives do you have? List at least 4 choices (at least one sentence each).

4. Application: For each choice, write down what you think are the outcomes and consequences of each alternative (at least one sentence each that captures the positives and negatives of each choice).

5. Analysis: Select your best option and explain why this option, or combination of options, is your best choice (around 100 words/short paragraph).

6. Evaluation: Write down how you could evaluate the outcome. How will you know your actions are achieving the desired outcomes? (at least one sentence)

7. Creating: Write a paragraph about how you will follow through with your choice (think process essay). “First I will…..,” “Then….” (around 200 words).