David Sedaris

  1. Re-examine the quotation that you chose to demonstrate theme in “Youth in Asia” by David Sedaris (Note: Refer back to activity 6.2). For your reference, the resources are provided again below.
    • “Youth in Asia” essay by David Sedaris
    • “Youth in Asia” audio reading by David Sedaris. The reading is Act I of the episode called “In Dog We Trust” from the This American Life website. Scroll down and click the play arrow by Act One: The Youth in Asia.
  2. Write your own sentence in which you state one theme of “Youth in Asia” in your own words.
    • Check your work based on the following questions:
      • Is the theme you identified stated as an observation about a particular human characteristic (not only about the characters)?
      • Or, also acceptable: Is the theme you identified stated as a recommendation about how to live one’s life (again, not only a recommendation for the characters in the story)?
      • Avoid stating a mere topic as a theme. Do not say, for example, “The theme is the death of pets.” That is one subject or topic of the essay, but it is not a theme statement. What does the essay suggest the we notice (observe) or do (recommended) about the deaths of our pets?
  3. Choose one other element from the essay (such as character, setting, or imagery) from the list of six elements in 6.2.
    • Think about how that one element relates to the one theme that you just identified and stated as an observation or recommendation.
  4. Write one paragraph in which you examine how your one chosen element relates to the theme.
    • Address the questions: Does the element I chose support the theme or contrast the theme? In what ways?