Day and times

Use your work from PartA of the Project to identify improvement opportunities in the value stream that are suitable for Kaizen events or Work-Outs.

1)List the potential Kaizen events, select the one to be deployed and justify your selection. Then, define the Kaizen objective and scope for the selected event.

2) Develop a detailed agenda for each Kaizen event. Use a tabular format, showing:

Day and times



Lean tools to be used

Deliverables or outputs


Day       Time             Session              Topic/Objective            Lean Tools          Output/Deliverables            Rationale.

3)Explain your choice for number of days, sequence for session topics, and justify the Lean tools to be used and outputs from each session. Show how your Kaizen agenda supports the Kaizen objective and scope for the event. This discussion should be specific to your value stream and organization Submission Requirements Your work is to be submitted in Word.

Total length should be 3 to 4 pages, including the actual agenda. You are free to organize your submission in whatever way you feel best presents the material and makes it easy to understand.

Typically, this will mean presenting each day’s tabular agenda and then providing supporting pages with additional explanations.

As guidance, design this as a document you would share with your team and/or with your supervisor. It should be detailed enough to clearly explain how the event will be structured and why, but concise enough that it will actually get read.

Note: A generic agenda for a Kaizen event or a generic Lean discussion is not acceptable