Demonstrate SMART

The included attachment already contains a training lesson plan.

Also contains instructions from the professor.

The rest of the screenshots contains the job selected for this assignment.

Demonstrate SMART( Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound)  objectives that align to the values of the position and the organization of the training program. The paper will include the relevant documents for off-the-job training including the summary lesson plan with SMART objectives and evaluation tools.

The paper should answer all the below questions in perspective of a CSR agent training program. Please write different paragraphs for each and there is a file of the training lesson plan in the link.

1. What are performance standards

2. What are the objectives of the training

3. Develop or list tasks of the training program. Need to draw a table for this

4. Brief about trainers

5. Measures of effectiveness of training: employee feedback and surveys