Design an effective Visual

  • The report should be at least TWO full pages and at most three pages (you can use bullets points). Single-Spaced/10 point size/Times New Roman
  • You will write a paper that describes your understanding, based on the materials covered and the topics discussed in class, how to design an effective Visual “DataStory” and provide examples.
  • You need to reflect and then postulate principles, recommendations, guidelines for what one needs to do to create an effective Visual “DataStory”, based on the content and tools we covered in the course and your personal experience interacting with datavis & infovis tools.
  • In short, the goal is for you to create a concise report that summarizes YOUR suggestions for “how to” create an effective Visual “DataStory” and what are the KEY PRINCIPLES (Design, Perceptual ….) that are to be utilized and explain briefly WHY these principles help to create an effective Visual “DataStory” (when possible, include links to examples that illustrate a specific principle).
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