Designing Your Life

  1. Students are to insert one impactful quotes extracted from their assigned readings of Designing Your Life, and briefly explain how the quote has impacted their thinking and/or living.
  2. Then they are to respond to ONE other classmate’s post by bringing one additional insight from the book Designing Your Life about their classmate’s quote.

How To C.R.I.T.I.Q.U.E. Without Being Critical:

C onverse with the person; don’t argue your position
R espect the person; critique the ideas
I  nvite the person to consider your ideas
T alk specifics with the person; don’t be vague
I dentify strengths, not just weaknesses, with their ideas
Q uestion for clarification in order to build greater understanding
U nderstand more than trying to be understood
E ncourage the person to continue in their pursuit of valuable ideas

How to RESPOND/REACT to your critiques:

Briefly respond to the critique brought to your work. Demonstrate humility and openness in learning, as well as kindness and respect for the new ideas/insights/contributions brought to your learning.

*Substantiate all claims with proper referencing (APA7) to textbook or other sources.