Difficult conversations

Listen to Tamekia MizLadi Smith’s TED 2018 talk titled “How to train employees to have difficult conversations” at  https://www.ted.com/talks/tamekia_mizladi_smith_how_to_train_employees_to_have_difficult_conversations

Discussion Questions

What lessons can you draw from Ms. Smith’s talk about effective training and employee development programs? Are these lessons applicable to all training and employee development programs or are they limited to only certain types of programs?

Read the report at https://instituteforpr.org/wp-content/uploads/IPR_Best_in_Class_White_Paper_Final_04_2013.pdf

and watch the following video summarizing this report.

Best-in-Class Practices in Employee Communication: Through the Lens of 10 Global Leaders

Which of the two medium – written pdf report or summary video – was a more effective communication vehicle for the study? Why so?