Doll House

Complete your reading of A Doll House.

Read Sophocle’s Antigone.Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Aristotelian tragic cycle (available in our text as well as online) as well as with something about the society in which Sophocles lived and worked. Remember that literature is a product of the times in which it is created; given that, what is it about Sophocles’ times that may have contributed to the development of Antigone?

Discussion due, with reply, by May: Identify the source and consequences of each of the following characters’ hamartia (character flaw/moral weakness): Creon and Antigone. Also, Aristotle wrote that when we come away from reading (or viewing) a tragedy such as this, we experience a catharsis – a release of emotions – of both pity (sorrow) and fear. What is it about the play that may contribute to this outcome for us? Did you experience it? Why or why not?


students reply one:

There is a tragic cycle within Sophocle’s Antigone that includes a hamartia- a tragic flaw within a character, a hubris-excessive pride, peripetia- an ironic twist, an anagnorisis- epiphany or discovery, a nemesis-punishment resulting from hubris, and catharsis- the feeling of pity and fear. Creon’s hamartia is is stubbornness and his pride gets in the way of him seeing what really matters in life, his family. He seems to care too much about being a ruler and cares about what others think about him, excluding his family. He actually realizes how he has been acting and blames it all on himself. There is a twist in his fortune when he is no longer feeling so prideful, he feels sad about what his actions have caused and now wants to fix it. He is too late and is severely punished when he is left alone after his son and wife are both dead because of him. Antigone is verify confident and stubborn and won’t compromise to save her life, this is her hamartia where she wants to bury her brother even if its going against what her ruler/uncle is stating. This causing Antigone to suffer consequences from her stubborn actions and lack of compromise. She ends up killing herself as a result. I felt pity and fear after reading this play due to the severe consequences that can occur out of an issue between family. You would never think things could go so far from something so simple, so I think this is what caused me to feel fear. People let their emotions take a hold of them and the results are dramatic and tragic. I feel maybe that these plays are written for this exact reason, to show people how not to act by showing them a tragic ending that could happen to them.