Drama Project Assignment

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Write in essay format.

Drama Project Assignment


Text: Sophocles: Antigone

Script Writing Projec


Word count at least 900 words!!

Your script must be submitted as a Word Document

You must format your script following the format of the sample script given to you with this assignment:

Use Arial font 12 point

If you use any sources, you must be reference them properly using footnotes and a bibliography. For example, if you take an idea or a quotation from a website, you must give the website address in brackets after the material you used

Your script will be checked for plagiarism with Safe Assign

Plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment and may make you subject to disciplinary action!! Do not cheat

The Assignment

Scripting and Staging a New Scene for the Play

The Deaths of Antigone and Haemon

Many of the most dramatic events in Antigone, including the deaths of Antigone and Haemon, take place offstage and we learn of them when they are reported by one character to others.

The report of the deaths of Antigone and Haemon is delivered by a messenger and it appears from lines 1312-1373

Imagine that you want to create a version of the play for the theatre which dramatizes the scene of the deaths of Antigone and Haemon

The Stage Set

You need to imagine and describe the stage set for the scene. You will find descriptions of what the place looks like in various speeches in the dialogue between pages 31-47. Find these descriptions and use them to imagine and describe in detail the stage set you will use


Make written sketches of the three characters who appear in the scene: Antigone, Haemon and Creon. These sketches should be analytical and take the form of essays. They should be based on the characters as they appear in the whole play. Focus on the main traits of character they show and how these character traits influence their ideas, beliefs and behaviour. Making these written character sketches will help you to imagine how the characters would behave and what they would say in the scenes you are creating.



Imagine that Haemon arrived before Antigone has hanged herself. Write the dialogue for a last conversation between them

When Creon arrives, Haemon tries to kill him, but Creon dodges the sword. In despair, Haemon stabs himself with his sword and dies. Imagine that Haemon does not die immediately and is able to have a dying conversation with his father. Write the dialogue for a last conversation between them.

Your script for the dialogue in the scenes should be full and detailed, and it should reflect the characters as you understand them from their roles in the play as a whole, and based on how you imagine they would behave and what they would say in the scenes you are creating.

The Completed Assignment

Your assignment, when finished, will thus consist of the following components:


Essay describing the stage set

Short essay(s) describing the three characters

The script for the scene

There is no specific word limit for this assignment, but your descriptions of the set and the characters and your script for the dialogue should be full and detailed.

The Process

To do this assignment successfully and give yourself a good chance of getting a high grade, you should do the assignment in the following way:

Read and reread the relevant parts of the play slowly and carefully several times

Look up the meanings of any words you do not know

Take time to think about what the play says about its characters and themes and especially those which are most relevant to this script writing assignment

Discuss the play and its characters and themes with your group members

Take notes as you study the relevant parts of the play

When you are ready, start to develop your notes into a draft

When you finish the draft of your script, put it aside for a day or two

Make revisions to your draft, developing it and correcting mistakes

Your finished script should be well organized and clearly written

You have two and a half weeks to do this assignment. Use them! Work on each of the stages of the process over the time you have been given to do the assignment