Economic dominance

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Prompt 1

What are the waste streams entering or leaving your region? We know now that all regions, developed and developing, produce waste. Can you find out what is done with ‘recycled’ e-waste? Or, how is waste disposed of in your region either by the people who live there or is it imported? If there are sites where it is recycled in your region, can you find out about how it’s done? And can you find out where it comes from?

Prompt 2

What are the movements of people in your region? Do dominant groups (ethnicities, religions? others?) move around to try and assert a cultural, political, or economic dominance? What is internal migration like? This could be just in one of the countries in your region, not all. Does the person or group in power work to give more people to people in their same ethnic group? How might they do that?

Prompt 3

China invests all around the world now. What are the patterns of Chinese investment in your region? You can use data from the interactive graphic in the slides to look around at the different types of investment in your region. Using other resources, what impacts does this have on the ground? Is it controversial or not?