Economy’s external performance

Read the grading rubric first, make sure write and meet all grading requirement. Word count at least 1400. 

Choose a country to write. 

Need a high quality work, this is one important essay!!!

Using a country of your choice, apply a comprehensive analysis of the external position using the concepts learned in class. You are expected to

1. Provide the institutional and economic context of your analysis

2. identify, quote and discuss the main aggregates of the economy’s external performance (figures encouraged – as support to analysis)

3. understand the policy regime and discuss why it is (or not) suited to the country’s economic reality

4. evaluate the external position impact of stabilization policy mix in the context of the pandemic shock

You can use all suited resources. You are however expected to write your own analysis. Papers will be ran through plagiarism software and any evidence of academic dishonesty including plagiarism will receive a grade of 0.

This assignment can be completed individually or in groups of up to 3 persons. Note that you will be held to a higher standard if you choose to work in a group.

The final paper is due on Friday July 16th at 5pm. No extensions will be granted. Submissions must be done through Canvas, using Pdf and Word documents only.

Refer to the rubric below for further detail on expectations.



– BOP data for all countries, here (Links to an external site.)

– External position for all countries, here (Links to an external site.)

– Covid policy response, here (Links to an external site.)

– Exchange rate regimes, here (Links to an external site.)

– Other good sources: St Louis Fed database (Links to an external site.), IMF article IV consultations, World Bank Database, Rating agency reports such as (S&P Sovereign ratings (Links to an external site.)Moody’s Sovereign (Links to an external site.)), Development Banks (AfDB, ISDB, IADB, etc.), your country of choice’s central bank and other institutional sources, peer reviewed papers, etc.


Explanation & Answer length: 1400 words