EDRM software

In the first part of your project report, provide a profile for the organization (which you have done in the project proposal).

In the second part of your project report, prepare a business case which includes a rationale for why an electronic document and records management system would benefit the organization. You may use any of the EDRM software listed in Assignment 2 (or any other software that you can obtain legal rights to use) as a sample system when discussing the following questions. Include in your rationale for the project the following pieces of information:

1.Business opportunity describing the motivation for the project including a definition, a statement of scope, and a discussion of objectives that the project will help the organization achieve.

2.What problems the electronic system would resolve including the storage of information, filing issues, and reproduction issues;

3.Discuss Document Conversion Strategy

4.How records would be uniquely identified;

5.How the security of the information will be handled;

6.How personally identifiable information will be kept private;

7.How users will access the system including wireless connections;

8.How users will be able to search for records; and

9.Benefits and costs of the recommended solution (qualitative and quantitative) You can use projected figures in your benefit-cost analysis.

10.Other factors that you feel relevant

Length requirement: no shorter than 5 pages (Single space, 12-point font size. Excluding the cover page and the bibliography)

Citation: APA format

Presentation Requirements:(PPT)

  • 5-minute long presentation;
  • Need to include:
    • The business profiles.
    • Records management requirements (or issues, challenges…) from the business
    • Solution
    • Recommendation