Emerging Market

You will find a for-profit company that is succeeding in an Emerging Market country other than its own (someplace besides its headquarters). JAPAN, USA, UK etc are NOT emerging market countries. The focus is on companies entering an emerging market country and succeedingWe are not talking about a Region here but a specific country. Please create an Information Rich PowerPoint (example provided) explaining how that company managed to become successful. There should be a minimum of 14 slides. Please review the special topics section on Ilearn that looks at companies. Please include Title slide (first slide) and references on the last slide. Please review the content and videos in SECTION 14 (company focus) of Ilearn before starting this assignment. You cannot use any of the companies presented in Section 14 for your assignment. This is the companies that you should avoid doing the assignment about:


The presentation should follow the outline below:

I. Background of the Country Involved

II. General Background of Company chosen

III. General strategic reasons the company chose that country

IV. Specific entry mode, marketing, alliance, adaptation strategies used

V. Explanation of how in which areas the company was successful

VI. Conclusion: The future outlook for the company in the country.

please make sure to follow all the instructions so carefully and make sure to make a rich PowerPoint because is not going to be presented which means it should have all the details for the reader to understand please include diagrams, graphs, images, and videos. I’ll upload an example of how it should be. I want the PowerPoint to be a minimum of 15 full slides.

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