Employee Holiday Options E-mail Message

Assignment 4 – Writing Application 4.2

Employee Holiday Options E-mail Message – Instructions

In the past your company offered all employees 11 holidays, starting with New Year’s Day in January and proceeding through Christmas Day the following December.  Other companies offer similar holiday schedules.  In addition, your company has given all employees one floating holiday.  That day was determined by a companywide vote.  As a result, all employees had the same day off.  Now, management is considering a new plan that involves a floating holiday that each employee may choose.  If two people wanted the same day, the employee with the most seniority would have the day off.

As a member of the Human Resources staff, you are asked to write an e-mail to employees.  The email provides information on options for employee holidays and asks them to make a choice.  You need to think carefully about the alternatives presented in the textbook (see Writing Application 4.2: Employee Holiday Options, page 318) .  The textbook explanation gives you all of the information and you may be creative in describing the alternatives; however, make sure to include the important information described in the different alternatives.  Since the information needs collected, reviewed and created as company policy make sure to establish an end date for employees to select a preference and inform you.

Use the e-mail model in Figure A.1, Appendix A, Page 491 of the textbook for the e-mail message format.  Also, remember to submit the assignment as an MSWord file (see instructions above for Submitting Assignments).