Employment Screening Tests

****POWER POINT*****

For this module’s Case Assignment, review the background materials on pre-employment background screening.

Prepare an outline of points for a presentation to an employer about key issues in pre-employment screening.

Prepare a video (about 5 minutes) or a slide presentation with voice-over (10-12 slides). In your presentation, be sure to include a) how specific laws regulate screening pre-hires, b) your recommendations about what the employer should consider in deciding whether or not to conduct investigations or other pre-employment inquires of employees, c) the potential negative consequences of not conducting background screening, including a discussion of what “negligent hiring” means and how it could arise, and d) the legal risks the business faces in conducting background checks.

Submit your video and outline of points (word document) or your slide presentation by the module due date.

Background information includes:

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