Entertainment were becoming popular

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Hist. 132 Week 2 Lecture and Textbook Questions


1.How were cities transformed in the 1800s?

2.In the late 1800s, what activities and forms of entertainment were becoming popular?

3.How did suburbs change family life?

4.Who was Queen Liliuokalani?

5.What does the phrase “Remember the Maine!” refer to?

6.Was (is) the United States imperialistic?

Chap. 19:

7.What made America in the 1880s so different from the 1860s?

8.How did the railroads contribute to the rise of big business?

9.How did industrialization change the working day for people employed in factories?

10.Through what means, organized and unorganized, did workers respond to industrialization?

Chap. 20:

11.What role did geography play in the recovery of Chicago from the 1871 fire?

12.How did industrial cities grow and at what costs?

13.In what ways did boss rule represent “reform” of city government, and at what expense did such reform come?

14.How did city culture shape national culture?

Chap. 21:

15.How did the Chicago Exposition represent the changing nation, as well as the changing world?

16.How did the National Farmers’ Alliance and the People’s Party attempt to resolve the problems faced by farmers?

17.What social, economic, and cultural factors drew the United States into the race for empire?