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Word count at least 325.

Watch this assigned file, “The Mask You Live In”, write a 1-page critical response essay (12-point font, double spaced, standard margins) reflecting on how the film addresses key themes from the course. In your essay, you may evaluate how the film treats key concepts from term, such as: norms/values, power, class/inequality, ethnographic method, polyvocality/univocality, race, gender, ethnicity, museums/heritage, health/wellness, norms/values etcIn your essay, cite at least one course concept and one course reading from the course along with the film.

Your essay should be argument-driven. It should contain an introduction with a clear thesis, well-supported topic sentences and body paragraphs, and a clear conclusion. See the writing-tips under Week 1. Remember to properly cite materials that you use, both as in-text citations and as a bibliography at the end of the essay.