Ethnography of Ecotourism

Book choose ONE from the list:

1. Murray, Andrea E. Footprints in Paradise : Ethnography of Ecotourism, Local Knowledge and Nature Therapies in Okinawa. Berghahn, 2017. Web.

2.Mai, N. (2018). Mobile orientations: an intimate autoethnography of migration, sex work, and humanitarian borders. University of Chicago press.

Students will individually give a presentation on a contemporary (published in previous 10 years) anthropological  ethnography  and  its  core  theoretical  concepts.  Presentations  will consist of an eight-to ten-minute audio recording, with complementary visuals (e.g. a Prezi or Power Point slide show),that is posted to Canvas.Choose your ethnography carefully. Most important, select a book or article with a theoretical focus that interests you. In addition, the topic and region should be compelling to you.Your presentation should cover three things.

1) It should briefly introduce the topic, region, people, and central tension or action of the book or article to orient us to the broader context.

2) The central focus of the presentation should be the research question the book or articleis asking, the main theories the book engages to explore that question, and the theoretical contribution that the book or article makes.

3) Lastly, evaluate the book or article theoretically. Is the theoretical contribution clearly accessible to the reader? Significant to anthropology? A good match for the research question and topic?


Explanation & Answer length: 600 words