Evaluate a commercial

For this assignment, you will evaluate a commercial, music video, presentation, or performance that you find persuasive (it sells a product or idea). Whereas your Informative Critique may have been more objective, this evaluation should be making an argument (either directly or indirectly). You should be able to find this video online. The video does not have to be in English, but your evaluation should be written in English.

2 guidelines:

1.) Write at least 250 words evaluating the effectiveness of the speaker (include word count). Who is the targeted audience? How does it persuade the audience to buy a product, idea, or lifestyle? Focus on at least 3 criteria (i.e. Pathos, Logos, Ethos, audience interaction, use of supporting materials, vocal variety, etc.). Highlight these 3 concepts in BOLD. Edit for grammatical errors before you submit.

2.) Post a link of the video you watch.