Event Management

Event Management

Event Audit

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the key elements comprising an event

experience from a management perspective.

You must attend a sport, tourism or hospitality event to observe what was seen and

heard, and then write a report on the entire experience. A way to approach this

assignment would be to act as a consultant hired by the organization running the event

to evaluate its operations. Descriptions of each element should be with an emphasis on

critical appraisal and evaluation. Offer managerial and/or marketing recommendations

for each element. If no improvements are needed, then explain why.

Some Key Elements You Might Include:

1. Pre-event advertising and promotions to attract attendees

2. Traffic control and parking (ease of access to and from event, price,


3. Ticket operations (distribution centers, prices, special packages, etc.)

4. Security (what was allowable into facility, individual checks)

5. Seating (ease of access, service of ushers, comfort, sight lines, etc.)

6. Concessions and Merchandise (access/location, products, prices, etc.)

7. Restrooms (access/location, adequate number, cleanliness)

8. Signage (directional & sponsor signs – location, size, clutter)

9. Atmosphere (public announcer, music, fan behavior, etc.)

10. Event-extenders (involvement opportunities for attendees)

As you evaluate the event, pay special attention to how effectively the service personnel

(parking attendants, ticket handlers, ushers, concessionaires) performed their jobs.

Were event personnel easily distinguishable by their attire? You are expected to engage

service personnel in conversation to determine if they are enthusiastic, hospitable, and

knowledgeable when answering questions. In addition, you should consult with other

fans to acquire perspectives other than your own regarding the various game experience

elements. Do NOT simply give a personal account of only your experience. Instead,

think in broader terms like a manager. For example, you may have had a good view of

the game, but did everyone? You should walk around the venue to observe not only

sight lines, but many other elements you include in your report.

You should take notes at the event, then turn them into a formal written report.

Your audit should be 3-5 pages in length, 12 point type, double-spaced, and

include page numbers as well as section headers. You should use complete

sentences and full paragraphs as opposed to bulleted lists.

This will be graded on completeness & coverage of all the event areas,

insightfulness and attention to details of the event, ability to examine the event

from a consultant rather than attendee perspective, organization, quality of

writing, and technical aspects.