Excel document

 This week’s assignment is to develop a budget for the project selected in Unit 2.

Prepare the budget in Excel using your project WBS.

• There are many free budget templates and resources; two have been attached to

the assignment in the course. Use one of these resources rather than creating

something new.

• Include two tabs in your Excel document: WBS and Budget.

• Include a report name, your name, and date.

• Use at least three levels with a minimum of five (5) Level 1 tasks, two (2) Level 2 tasks, with three (3) Level 3 tasks.

• Continue to decompose the tasks/activities in your WBS until you have tasks that are small enough to accurately estimate the cost of each activity to an individual. • Use the Excel math functions when you create your report, for instance, =sum(A3:A5). • Do not hide numbers in formulas, for instance =sum(A3,330), where 330 is a cost. • Include all project activities. Recall we are rolling up the project

• Submit an Excel document.