Globalization Then and Now

Reading 1: Wayne Ellwood, 2010. “Globalization Then and Now” (pp. 8-25) in The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization. Verso(see attached file)

Reading 2: Marc Levinson, 2020. “Introduction” and “Global Dreams” (pp. 1-23) in Outside the Box: How Globalization Changed from Moving Stuff to Spreading Ideas. Princeton University Press. (see attached file)

Reading 3:Dani Rodrik, 2011. The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy. W.W. Norton & Company.

  • pp. 3-23 “Of Markets and States: Globalization in History’s Mirror (see attached file)
  • pp. 135-42 “Poor Countries in a Rich World

Writing Assignment

  • The Week 1 lectures describe three different axes of debates about globalization and development, each with two extreme poles (equality vs. inequality; too much globalization vs. not enough; too much state intervention vs. not enough). Where does each of our three authors of this week’s assigned readings (Ellwood, Levinson, Rodrik) fall on these axes?