Grammar Girl

This is an essay !!!

Now that you’ve finished reading A World Without Whom, let’s unpack what you’ve learned and discuss.

In true BuzzFeed form, I’d like you to write a listicle — a 400-500-word essay that identifies and explores your Top 5 takeaways from the book.

What jumped out at you? What surprised you? What challenged your ideas and assumptions about the ways language is used? What did you find enlightening? What did you disagree with? And critically, how do you plan to incorporate those concepts into your own writing?

Be sure to draw clear connections to the book and quote specific passages. We’ll also be looking for you to weave in relevant ideas and concepts from other parts of this course, including the lecture videos, Comma Queen and Grammar Girl.

As always, make sure you proofread and use professional grammar.

J101 rubric – 20 pt. (1)

Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCriteria
20 ptsMeets requirements

Submission meets all requirements of the the assignment in a satisfactory way

17 ptsMeets most requirements

Submission meets most requirements of the assignment in a satisfactory way

12 ptsNeeds improvement

Submission needs improvement in at least one area

6 ptsNeeds significant improvement

Submission needs significant improvement in one or more areas

0 ptsIncomplete/no submission

Student failed to submit a response by the deadline, it was late or at least one requirement was not fulfilled

20 pts
Total Points: 20